The International Link of Orthodox Christian Scouts ‘DESMOS’ was ‘born’ in June 1997, at the holy site of the Penteli Monastery in Athens, Greece. Its founding expressed our sincere desire to contribute to the spiritual development of Orthodox Christian scouts, by helping them to sense the importance of the Duty to God and to understand the essentials of B-P’s original spiritual vision.

The vision of DESMOS is to become itself a basis of mutual understanding for all scout associations that include Orthodox scouts.

We hold the belief that Orthodoxy offers a universal conception of God and creation that can guide us in our personal journey towards what is True and what is God. Therefore, we find in Orthodoxy a genuine inspiration to work and we believe that it actually answers to the spiritual needs of the youth.

Most importantly, however, we totally respect the fact that the Duty to God is amenable to various interpretations and thus passionately promote tolerance among all scouts and especially among those that come from entirely different spiritual backgrounds. But we also firmly assert that there can not be true Scouting if its spiritual presuppositions are erased.

DESMOS strongly encourages inter-religious dialogue and contact. ‘Tolerance, understanding and cooperation’ is our vision for today’s world and the message we seek to convey to believers of all religions.